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Inspiration of China’s Spirit of Poverty Alleviation to the World


Consul General of China in Kota Kinabalu Liang Caide

    Poverty is a perennial problem of human society, and poverty reduction has always been a major issue in the governance of all countries. For a long time, the Chinese government has prominently emphasized poverty alleviation. Considering its national conditions and being bold in innovations, it has introduced a series of unconventional policies and measures, and built a set of effective working systems. Historical achievements were made and absolute poverty that had shackled the Chinese nation for millennia were finally solved. On February 25, President Xi Jinping solemnly announced at a ceremony that according to the current criteria, China’s 98.99 million poor rural population, 832 poverty-stricken counties and 128,000 villages have been lifted out of poverty, and China has completed the elimination of absolute poverty. The arduous task of China won an all-round victory in the battle against poverty and created a great miracle in the history of human poverty reduction.

    I could show you a set of more stunning statistics. According to the figures of World Bank, China has lifted 800 million people from poverty since the reform and opening up (1978), which accounted for more than 70% of the global poverty reduction in the same period; China's annual poverty reduction rate is more than 10 million people starting from 2012, which is equivalent to the population size of a medium-sized European country, and it has achieved the poverty eradication target of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development 10 years ahead of schedule. Looking at the past and present worldwide, no country can achieve such a magnificent feat in such a short period of time.

    However, looking back on the path taken, the achievement of world-renowned poverty alleviation relies on the sustained, healthy and rapid development of China’s economy, and on the outstanding qualities of self-reliance and hard work of China’s national. It also largely supported by the spirit of poverty alleviation forged during the practice of which “mobilizing all nation resources to conquer difficulties by implementing people-centered, targeted and innovative measures”. Guterres, Secretary-General of United Nations stated that China’s experience of poverty elimination “can provide useful lessons for other developing countries”. Despite the continuous spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and the increasing downward pressure on the global economy, China's spirit of poverty alleviation will provide countries around the world with Chinese wisdom and solutions that can be used for reference to overcome poverty and improve people's well-being:

    Mobilizing the majestic force of the whole nation from government to the people in fighting against poverty. To tackle poverty, the Chinese government adheres to a working mechanism whereby the central leadership makes overall plans, provincial authorities take overall responsibility, and city and county authorities ensure implementation. Large-scale and well-planned poverty relief programs were organized and implemented, strong collaboration has been formed through the “Three-Sphere” broad participation in poverty alleviation. Millions of poverty alleviation officials devote themselves in frontline missions, live and work together with the poor rural people. The impoverished are inspired to progress and strive vigorously for better life with their own hands. Society in all circles care for the poor, concern about poverty alleviation, and play a part in poverty relief campaigns. In the battle against poverty, countless men have spent life-time painstaking effort on thousands of households in distant hills and streams, and more than 1,800 comrades have devoted their whole lives on the task of poverty alleviation...

    Being targeted and innovative in ambitiously implementing science-based policies. Despite many paths lead to poverty alleviation, the foremost is its practicality and effectiveness. The key feature of China's poverty reduction is to adopt "targeted poverty alleviation" as the basic working strategy. Measures to address different issues are adjusted according to the local conditions, poverty relief plans are formulated for different impoverished people according to the causes and types of poverty. Eliminating poverty through relocation, ecological compensation, developing industries, e-commerce, consumption, tourism, education and social security, the ultimate realization is the transition from "given" relief to "self-reliance" assistance. The living standard of the poor has been greatly improved, and the pace of development in impoverished areas has accelerated significantly. It was proved through practices that targeted measures is a scientific method to overcome poverty, and development will always be the golden key to solving poverty.

    Conquering difficulties for the people by being responsible in fulfilling the promises to them. The key to a country’s governance is to improve its people’s lives. No matter which country people live in and what social system we come from, the yearning for a better life is the same. In the practice of poverty alleviation, the Chinese government has always prioritized its people's position, concentrated on solving the basic livelihood needs of the impoverished, and regarded the satisfaction of the people as an important measure of the effectiveness of poverty alleviation. Year after year, works are done in step by step. Difficulties in road accessibility, lacking of drinking water, electricity, communication, education, and medical care... these historical problems that have long plagued poor areas have all been fundamentally resolved. The complete victory in the battle against poverty marks a solid step taken by the Chinese nation, on the path to creating a better life and achieving common prosperity.

    Poverty is a common challenge faced by mankind; it is also a prominent problem that has long plagued global development governance. It is hoped that China's spirit of poverty alleviation can provide valuable theoretical results and practical experience for Sabah and even Malaysia. The Chinese Consulate General is willing to actively cooperate with all walks of life in Sabah to support poverty reduction. Let us work together to eliminate poverty and build an Asia-Pacific community with a shared future of overall prosperity!

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