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The Consulate General donated living materials to the Bondulu Orphanage in Tambunan

On December 19th, the Chinese Consul General in Kota Kinabalu Liang Caide donated living and anti-epidemic supplies to the Tambunan Bondulu Orphanage. Sabah Deputy Chief Minister cum Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Datuk Seri Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, Chairman of the Federation Of Chinese Associations Sabah Tan sri Dr. T.C. Goh attended the donation ceremony.

Liang Caide said in his speech that 2020 is a year of great significance for China-Malaysia and China-Sabah friendship. The friendly cooperation between China and Sabah has been sublimated in this COVID-19 combat. At the critical moment for China, all sectors of Sabah enthusiastically provided valuable support to China; when the epidemic in Sabah was intensifying, the Chinese Consulate took immediate action to extend a helping hand to Sabah in time, donating PPE materials, and the Chinese medical expert team also made a special trip to Sabah to help fight the epidemic. In the face of the epidemic, China and Sabah have always stood together, helping each other and sharing weal and woe. The people of China and Sabah have become tighter and closer together.

Liang Caide said that since the establishment of the consulate, the Chinese Consulate has always cared about and paid attention to the vulnerable groups in Sabah and provided them with assistance. Today, the consulate donated rice, cooking oil and other daily necessities and some anti-epidemic supplies to the Bondulu Orphanage in Tambunan. Although the quantity is limited, it contains the heartfelt love of the consulate, hoping to bring warmth and care to the children .

Liang Caide pointed out that currently COVID-19 in Sabah is under control and the order of society in Sabah is gradually restored. As an important node of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, Sabah has unique advantages and potential in cooperation with China. The Consulate is willing to strengthen communication and coordination with the new Sabah State Government to jointly promote the resumption of exchanges and cooperation between China and Sabah as soon as possible, and open a new chapter in China-Sabah cooperation after the epidemic.

Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Jeffery expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Consulate for the generous donation, on behalf of the Sabah State Government and Tambunan Bondulu Orphanage, and spoke highly of China's selfless support and assistance to Sabah during the epidemic. He said that Sabah is a friendly neighbor facing China across the sea, it has a superior geographical location. The cooperation between China and Sabah in various fields has broad prospects and great potential. Sabah welcomes more Chinese investors to invest in Sabah and further deepen cooperation in the fields of infrastructure, technology and other fields, to jointly create a better future for China-Sabah relationship.

Before the donation ceremony, Consul General Liang Caide had a cordial and friendly conversation with Datuk Seri Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, and exchanged views on future cooperation in various fields between China and Sabah.

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