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Helping Each Other and Sharing Weal and Woe


    COVID-19 is an unprecedented and sudden pandemic of major infectious diseases faced by all mankind. Its rapid and wide spread has caused unexampled difficulty in prevention and control. Under the personal deployment and command of President Xi Jinping, in accordance with the firm belief of being responsible to the people of the country and the world, the people of all ethnic groups across China have united to combat the epidemic. After more than two months of arduous and strenuous struggle, China has become one of the first countries in the world to control the domestic epidemic. Only sporadic cases were reported in the territory for more than a month. The lockdown control from Hubei and Wuhan have been lifted, and the local spread of the epidemic was basically blocked. As the first country that suffered badly at the early stage of the epidemic and reported the outbreak to the international community, China used its strength and wisdom, sacrificed to defend for the world's key line in epidemic prevention and control. It has also accumulated significant experience in anti-pandemic and boosted confidence in victory over the battle for the world.

    The Chinese people feel the same about the current increasingly severe situation of the global pandemic. Although China's own anti-epidemic task is very difficult, we are actively providing assistance and cooperation to foreign countries within our ability. We organized one after another cross-border video conference to exchange and share the experience of anti-epidemic with countries without reservation; we sent one after another team of experts to the international anti-pandemic frontlines; we mobilized one after another factory to produce around the clock as to meet the urgent needs of protective materials of the world, and we donated batches and batches of medical supplies to countries worldwide. The figures are the best illustrator: as of mid-April, the Chinese government and civil society organizations have provided much-needed medical supplies to more than 140 countries and international organizations, dispatched 15 medical expert teams to 13 countries including Italy, Iran, Serbia, and Malaysia, and donated fund of USD 50 million to World Health Organization. The people of China joint hand with the people of the world amid pandemic is the best interpretation of international humanism in building a community with a shared future for mankind. It also demonstrates China’s sense of responsibility as a major country. “China's Aid” and “Made in China” are injecting endless momentum into the global pandemic prevention and control.

    This pandemic made us realize that international communities are so closely interconnected in interests and destinies, and it is thus very important and urgently needed to accelerate the building of a community with a shared future for mankind. Facing the crisis, China promptly issued an initiative to strengthen international anti-pandemic cooperation. President Xi Jinping pointed out that virus recognizes neither border nor race, and the international community can only win by cooperative solidarity. Any complaints, accusations, and buck-passing during crisis may cause the split of international community and ultimately damage the interests of all countries. China will continue to work together with the vast majority of countries in the world in actively exploring the establishment of joint prevention and control mechanisms, strengthening information sharing and anti-epidemic cooperation such as drug and vaccine research and development; China will maintain close communication with its neighboring countries in discussing the establishment of regional public health emergency mechanisms to improve the speed of response to public health emergencies; China will also actively strengthen the health cooperation of The Belt and Road Initiative and jointly build a “Silk Road of Health” .

    China and Malaysia are friendly neighbors who are helping each other and sharing weal and woe, and the relation could be called a role model of cooperative and mutual assistance in anti-epidemic. When the epidemic hit China at its worst, the government and people of Malaysia and Sabah reached out in time to provide a lot of valuable support for China in battling the disease. The people of China will always remember and appreciate it. We will not forget Chief Minister YAB Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Mohd Shafie personally initiated “We Care We Love” Charity Dinner and gave an affectionate speech at the function; we will not forget the constant funds and materials donated by the Chinese community and people from all walks of life in Sabah; we will not forget the cheering for China by various industry players from Sabah and Labuan, letters of sympathy written by teachers and students of schools… A Chinese saying goes, “You spare a peach to me, I give you a white jade for friendship.” China is a nation who values gratitude. As the outbreak of COVID-19 intensified in Malaysia, China promptly acted by providing assistance to Malaysia and Sabah within its ability, demonstrating the sense of morality and responsibility of a major country. The Chinese government provided a large amount of anti-epidemic materials to the Malaysian government. In addition to government-to-government aids, Chinese enterprises in Malaysia have also fulfilled their corporate social responsibilities, responded by sponsoring large amount of medical and anti-epidemic materials and collaborated with Malaysia to fight against the epidemic. When the epidemic occurred in Sabah, Consulate General of China immediately took action and collaborated with the Chinese enterprises in Sabah timely to jointly donate more than 200,000 masks and other anti-epidemic materials to Sabah State Government, and later purchased nearly 400,000 masks from China, waiting to be shipped to Sabah. Many provincial governments in China and the Federation of Overseas Chinese have also contributed materials to Sabah respectively; donations of anti-epidemic materials to Sabah through private channels are in fact countless. Many touching stories emerged during the period: China Construction Bank Labuan Branch mobilized personal donations from employees to purchase tens of thousands of masks to be given to the people of Sabah and Labuan; the Chinese nationals who love Sabah organized the Sabah Anti-epidemic Chinese Volunteer Team and launched a fund-raising initiative. In less than two days, hundreds of Chinese people and companies from Sabah, China and around the world responded. They raised fund to purchase masks and anti-epidemic materials from China to Sabah State Government and people. The virus is cruel, but such kind and generous deeds of mutual support and help in times of crisis fully embodies the China-Malaysia friendship and the brotherhood of the people of China and Sabah.

    Under the active promotion of the Embassy of China in Malaysia and us, the Consulate General, the Chinese government sent 8 medical experts from Guangdong Province to assist Malaysia in anti-epidemic. They are all top experts specially selected by the Chinese side, and some of them even have anti-epidemic experience in Hubei. For more than a week, they have been working in Kuala Lumpur seizing every minute and second to provide comprehensive support for the epidemic prevention and control in Malaysia. Yesterday, China Medical Expert Team already arrived in Sabah to exchange knowledges gained in their anti-epidemic work, to share and contribute unreservedly of the plentiful clinical experiences, diagnosis and treatment methods accumulated during China’s outbreak with Sabah’s medical counterparts, providing practical inputs for Sabah to effectively respond and defeat the disease.

    Virus is the common enemy of all mankind. Facing the violent pandemic, collaboration towards common goals is the only right choice for all countries in the world. Solidarity and cooperation are the most powerful weapons of the international community. We believe that as long as all countries of the world are united, we will overcome the pandemic with cooperation and joint efforts. Amid hard time of fighting against the pandemic, China will always stand with Sabah, help and support each other and overcome the difficulties together.

    Stay strong Sabah! Stay strong Malaysia!

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