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Remarks by Consul General Chen Peijie at the Farewell Reception

  Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

  Good evening! Thank you for attending tonight’s reception which is the last one I host as the CG in KK.

  On the evening of 30th January 2015, I, as the first Consul General of China, arrived in the beautiful "Land Below the Wind". I can still clearly remember the sincerity and friendliness at the very first moment as stepping on this land. In the past two and a half years, we have achieved lot, particularly the precious friendship. I would like to share with you my memorable days and nights spending here that I prefer to call it a symphony full of bitterness and happiness.

  I will not forget the picturesque scenery, plentiful resources, honest people, ethnic harmony and cultural diversity of Sabah and Labuan. I had constructive communication with many YBs, visited a number of towns and cities, attended hundreds of celebrations and functions of various ethnic groups, made acquaintance with many people, and established deep friendship.

  I will not forget the 900 days and nights that witnessed my team committed to extending supports within our capacity to the community of Sabah and Labuan, providing visa services and consular assistance; and promoting the official and non-official exchanges in culture, education, economy, trade and other fields between Sabah-Labuan and China.

  I will not forget the sincerity and hospitality we felt no matter where we go. People often say it is easy to share comforts together but not hardship. Nevertheless, my Consulate General lent a hand after the Ranau earthquake, and the Sabah State Government, police and civil society extended great assistance in the aftermath of the boat sunk tragedy. I am convinced that we can always share joys and sorrows with each other.

  I will not forget the extraordinary contributions made by the local Chinese forerunners and later generations to this land, their deep feeling by blood ties towards China, and the excellent heritage of traditional Chinese culture as well. It serves as a unique advantage in the communication between Sabah-Labuan and China, and broadens the scope of exchanges and cooperation.

  In addition to those unforgettable memories, I also have some regrets. For example, my plan to visit all Sabah's 5 divisions and 24 districts has not yet completed; Some issues I concern have not yet come to an end; a lot of committed work has not been done yet. Nevertheless, I believe, my colleagues will continue the efforts to deepen fraternity and promote collaboration. After I leave my post, DCG Zhang He will be acting till the new CG takes office. Hope the State government and the community of Sabah-Labuan will continue to extend your support to the incoming CG and DCG Zhang, as well as the whole team of the Consulate General.

  Dear Friends, Malaysia, including Sabah, is historically an important stop on the Maritime Silk Road. Since the Han Dynasty, those meanings of friendship, prosperity and migration was what this road all about. Today, it has once again become an important node and a hub of the Belt and Road. The relation between the two countries has entered into a stage of a shared future, and the cooperation has been continuously pushed to new heights, the spirit featuring peace and cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning and mutual benefit embodied by the Silk Road for centuries is yielding more fruitful achievements. In this new era, let's make joint efforts and contribute benefits to Sabah Lubuan and China and their peoples.

  Dear Friends, my colleagues and I come to Sabah with friendship, upholding the principles of amity, sincerity, mutual benefit and inclusiveness, and serving as the boat of friendship, the bridge of cooperation, the window of service, and the overseas home for Chinese citizens. Now I will leave with a full load of friendship. Sabah has beautiful sunset, I am not able to bring along, but I will bring along the friendship. I sincerely appreciate the care, support and assistance from all friends and wish the friendship between China and Malaysia everlasting, Sabah-Labuan a prosperous development and the people happiness! All the best to everyone!

  Thank you!

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