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Remarks by Consul-General CHEN Peijie At the Consular Protection Reception

  Your honorable YB Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Masidi Manjun, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment, Sabah,

  Distinguish guests, ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

  Good evening to everybody!

  Thank you for coming to attend the reception tonight. Special thanks to YB Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Masidi Manjun, as I know you are on vacation, still coming thank you very much.

  Dear friends, the theme of the event tonight is to extend our sincere thanks to you all. I would like to begin with briefly introduction on the work of China’s consular protection and assistance.

  As we all know, with the sustained development of China's economy, an increasing number of China’s enterprises and citizens go abroad, interact and exchange with the rest of the world. According to the statistics, China's outbound tourists in 2015 exceeded 120 million people. It is estimated that this number will reach 130 million this year, about 5 million Chinese citizens have settled abroad; about 1.7 million are studying abroad; about 20 thousands Chinese enterprises are registered overseas and have carried out pragmatic cooperation with local counterparts. For example, 7,367 overseas project contracts, worth more than 100.3 billion US dollars, were signed among China’s enterprises and the relevant 61 countries along the Road and Belt regions from January to November this year. It is conceivable that how huge the number of China enterprises and citizens overseas is. How to make them go out, stay and live well becomes an important work needs for Chinese government.

  The relationship between China and Malaysia has become even closer now, the bilateral trade volume has remained at about 100 billion US dollars in recent years. China has become Malaysia's largest trading partner for seven consecutive years and Malaysia has become China's largest trading partner for the eighth consecutive year. About 200 million Chinese tourists came to Malaysia this year, about 350 thousands among whom come to Sabah and Labuan to enjoy the beautiful scenery, to explore cooperation and win-win business opportunities, as well as to enjoy the slow pace of life. I believe the number will further increase in the future. This positive development trend is warmly welcomed by Sabah and Labuan. Consulate General is also feel happy, however, at the same time we are confronting constant pressure to improve the work of providing better consular protection and assistance. Fortunately, we have your support and help!

  Ladies and gentleman, dear friends,

  In 2016, the Consulate General handled more than 250 various cases of consular protection and assistance, received more than 1,300 consular protection hot-line calls. The cases were of different levels and types, but without exception, all successfully resolved. Such result cannot be achieved without the great assistance given by the government and all levels of community and friends in Sabah and Labuan. Without your help, in October, the missing China-Hong Kong citizen in Kudat will not be found safe, that was really a magic so to speak; without your help, in June, the nine tourists from China whom encountered road accident in Papar will not return home smoothly on the third day to receive treatment; without your help, in March, the funeral of the drowned China’s tourist in Mantanani Island will not be efficiently carried out.

  When facing problems and difficulties, the State government, and many high level officials, like Minister Masidi himself, the Immigration Office, Police Department and other government agencies, as well as the Chinese and other local ethnic friends, all reached out to help us to address the problems and overcome the difficulties. We are deeply touched by this. This once again demonstrated the strong fraternal friendship between China and Malaysia.

  By this chance, I’d like to, on behalf of my Consulate General, and please allow me also on behalf of Chinese people who have received your care and support, and those potential receivers to express the heartfelt gratitude to the government, all bodies and people Sabah and Labuan! Thank you for your kindly assistance given to the Chinese citizens and enterprises, thank you for your great support given to us, especially to the work of consular protection. Your assistance and support has empowered us with more strength and confidence to perform better in future’s work!

  Ladies and gentleman, dear friends,

  In future, with the deepening of China-Malaysian friendship, in the process of closer exchange and cooperation between Sabah, Labuan and China, more Chinese enterprises, students and tourists are coming in. I do expect that we can have continued support and help from the government and all parts and friends of Sabah and Labuan.

  I say help and support here, not only to emergent problem solving, but also the pre-preventions, we call it as "preventive consular protection work". For example, we released some important notice on relevant issues at our website reminding Chinese citizen who stay, travel or work in Sabah and Labuan, distributed some handbook of consular protection knowledge at the airport, hotel etc.. There are also some good ideas and practices from your side, for example, Minister Masidi said, to have more Chinese signs at the convenience for Chinese tourists, by doing this we could reduce risks and problems.

  Let’s work together in terms of consular protection and assistance to the China’s citizens, and enable them invest, learn, play and live better here, contributing to the lasting friendship between China and Malaysia. Finally, I wish you all good health and good luck! Also to take this opportunity to wish you a happy New Year!

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